High Blood Pressure Diet in Urdu

blood pressure diet in Urdu

High Blood Pressure is also known as a silent killer due to no pain and symptoms…

But, after the time passes most of the time it causes the heart issues, kidney issues, and many other serious problems.

Most of the people never notice the high blood pressure on the daily basis and keep eating the oily foods which harm them badly after some time, I am not saying that you need to take the medicines on the daily basis.

You can still control it by just making some minor changes in your lifestyle and by eating this high blood pressure diet in Urdu mentioned below, these foods can surely control your blood pressure as much as possible.

As you know that, Diet plays an important role in controlling the blood pressure so you need to stop eating products filled with fats, oil, and sodium and start eating these foods for high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure in Urdu (Audio):

After many studies, Doctors found that if you are eating these products then chances are that you will never see the problem of high blood pressure again further people are using these products at home for controlling their blood pressure and getting the positive results as well.

Eat Green Vegetables:

Green Vegetables like Spinach, Cabbage, green Peas, mustard greens etc… are loaded with Potassium which can surely help your kidney in getting rid from sodium.

You need to eat green vegetables cooked at home as much as possible for getting the proper excretion of sodium from your kidney.

Eat Potatoes:

Potatoes are also the perfect product of our list high blood pressure diet in Urdu because potatoes have lot of magnesium and potassium which is very beneficial for you.

Fibers are also present in the potatoes which are good for healthy diet and overall potatoes can surely help you in lowering the blood pressure.

Baked Potatoes are my favorite product, you can also enjoy one every day in your dinner for fulfilling your tummy and also for lowering the blood pressure.

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Eat Blueberries and Strawberries:

Strawberry is a very special fruit which most of the people love to eat and there are also plenty of benefits present in these tinny berries.

One Study found that there are compounds called flavonoids present in these berries which may reduce your blood pressure.
So, when you go to market for buying the fruits then also buy some amount of these tasty berries for eating in your extra hunger.

Drink Beetroot juice:

According to many researches, If you are drinking the beetroot juice at the daily basis then it will surely help you in lowering your blood pressure within the 24 hours and also save you from the many other health problems.

It will be easily available in your nearest fruit market and the nitrates present in it will help you in controlling your high blood pressure.

Drink Milk without cream:

Skimmed Milk is also one of the best high blood pressure diet in Urdu in which much calcium is present and not having many fats in it.

Its properties can easily help you in controlling the blood pressure and you can drink it daily while removing the cream and can also eat yogurt without much cream and sugar in your breakfast.

Eat Banana Every Day:

Banana is the rich source of Potassium that is the essential mineral for having the stabled blood pressure and there is also a good amount of magnesium present in it.

So, buy some bananas also when you are visiting the fruits market and store them for at least eating one banana every day for a better diet plan.

Bonus Point: Start Doing Exercise from Tomorrow

It has been proved many times that doing exercise daily can control your blood pressure very easily, I am not saying that you need to spend hours in the gym but the little physical activity every day.

You just need to choose your favorite cardio exercise from running, walking, jogging and rope jumping and then do it daily for at least 15 minutes which will drop your blood pressure to the safe level.

So, set up your routine of exercise from tomorrow because it will also help you in lowering the stress which ultimately makes your blood pressure high and keeps you safe from many health problems.

It’s better to consult with your doctor before starting doing exercise.